The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Adam Douglas [Book Review]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Adam Douglas [Book Review]

** spoiler alert ** In the beginning, I had rated it three stars, but upon further thought, I realized that that was a bit too much. While the book was cute, silly and lighthearted, I had three main problems with it.

1) It didn’t quite seem to follow the cause-effect scheme. Most of it was just a bunch of random things thrown in for the effect of humour. At times, these things got so randomly random that they ceased being funny and became exasperating instead.

2) From all the fanbase reaction that I had gathered, I expected it to be much more complex, serious and, in general, wittier in events and concepts, not in words (not that being witty in words was a bad thing; quite on the contrary). Overall, it seemed like a nice introduction to a series rather than a standalone book. It did make me curious to actually want to read the sequels though.

3) Sometimes, the book actually got stupidly lighthearted. I mean, there are pages and pages dedicated to Eddie the computer’s annoying personality and Marvin the robot’s sulkiness, and only about half a page on how Arthur felt after the whole Earth was destroyed. In fact, most of the reactions regarding the destruction of Earth were among the lines of “So it got destroyed, huh? Ah well, nothing to do about it.”


Impressions written on Goodreads back in 2011 after reading the book.