The land of radioactive walruses [Short story]

The land of radioactive walruses [Short story]

Once upon a time, in a mythical land which belonged to Kla-Kla, the God of Absentmindedness, there was a huge army made up entirely of radioactive walruses.

They were all training to fight against the laser-shooting belugas, who were the servants of the Goddess of Procrastination called Arimskina. The battle had been going on for at least 25 centuries, when suddenly, a spooky message came via the prophets of both divinities. If their believers didn’t join forces in an epic war against the Holy Mother of Angsty Teenage Writers, then the world would forever turn purple. Since nobody had anything in particular against purple (it was a pretty fashionable colour) and since there were a lot of political reasons at stake, the armies never became allies and so, the universe turned the seventh shade of the rainbow.

The end.



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