You're A Scientist! (Make Your Own Mistakes Book 1) by Phil Edwards [Book Review]]

You’re A Scientist! (Make Your Own Mistakes Book 1) by Phil Edwards [Book Review]]

Saw this free ebook advertised on the Fake Science Facebook page and decided to try it out. It was a fun little Choose your own Adventure book, set in the Fake Science Lab, where you started out as a beaker cleaner with 5 basic choices (Explore space/Become a biologist/Become a chemist/Become an earth scientist/Become a physicist). The choices branched out in many fun and unexpected ways and while most of the ends were bad ones (where the lab mortician usually comments something random about your silly death), I did reach some good ends too. In fact, the true ending (and quite a hilarious one indeed) could be reached in more than one way.

I think what I most liked about this book was how it wasn’t afraid to take all those cliches about scientists and science fiction books and movies and turn them into something witty and subtle that pokes fun at its own genre. For example, you, the main character, are totally incompetent and obsessed with your little friend (lover?) the sponge (that you have been separated from), but the book treats that as something perfectly rational. Throughout your (mis)adventures, you encounter plot devices such as portals, conspiracies, dinosaurs, a genetically modified revolutionary mouse, evil colleagues and, most important of all, lots of (fake) science. The choices play in such a way, that the secret story behind the Fake Science Lab only becomes complete if you get all the endings.

All in all, this book was a fun way to spend a couple of evenings reading and it definitely made me grin throughout all chapters at its own subtlety.


Review originally written on Goodreads.