'Twas older than the seashells [Poem]

‘Twas older than the seashells [Poem]

I loved a fossil once
When Earth was young and tame;
I loved a fossil once –
A creature with no name.

‘Twas older than the seashells
And older than the trees;
‘Twas older than the first fish
Breathing through its gills.

And old enough it was to be
Replaced with gems and stones;
For life in it had long been gone
– No breath, no dust, no bones.

Yet an imprint still remained
Despite the flow of time;
It was embedded in the soil
And in this heart of mine.

And so the creature could exist
Despite its nonexistence;
For conscience made it bear a name
Affirming its consistence.

Uite că m-a lovit scrisul de poezii (şi încă neumoristice!!!) în engleză.

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Imaginea (cu un amonit, nu cu o Opabinia) e de pe pixabay.com