Zero [Proză scurtă]

Zero [Proză scurtă]

My first mistake was thinking you were the absence of value. You proved to me you were the value of absence. I was expecting nothingness. Instead, I found existence.

My second mistake was looking down upon you as simply the origin of a system of coordinates. You quickly showed me nothing can exist in space and time without referencing you first. In my head, you were just a special point. In reality, you were the center of the universe.

My third mistake was coming up with the idea that, had I added you to my life, I would be the same. You were a neuter element; neither positive, nor negative. You weren’t supposed to change anything about me. However, in my haste, I chose the wrong operation.

I multiplied by you. And now, I am the same as you are: nothing. Dragged to the same non-level. Appointed no influence. Reduced to non-existence.

And since there cannot be two zeros, we are now essentially the same being.

Together, we can reach the impossible. Together, we can break the rules and the universe. Together, we can divide by ourselves.

We are zero and our existence shall be acknowledged.


bazat pe un writing prompt (Zero) de la un grup de literatură de pe DeviantArt. Imaginea e de pe